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Core technology(or Products)

Core technology

    As a high-tech listed company and national level new high-tech enterprise, CTYC is with enormous research & development ability. The Company always insists on combining its technological innovation and market demand, increasing the speed of transferring its research achievements, and serving the society with low carbon, environmentally friendly and clean energy technologies and products. At present, the Company has major core technologies as follows:

    Industrial technology for recovery of ethylene resource of the refinery

    Technology and package unit for hydrogen recovery process with methanol cracking

    Technology and plant for using PSA to purify CO2 from mixed gas of Co2

    Technology and package unit for purify hydrogen and high purity hydrogen from various mixed gases

    Technology and plant for using PSA for decarburization in shifted gas

    CNG/LNG production by COG Methanation

    Technology and package unit for coking crude benzol hydro-refining

    Dimethyl ether production technology and package unit

    Technology for producing methanol taking coke-oven gas and converter gas as raw materials

    Technology for producing methanol and dimethyl ether taking tail gas of calcium carbide furnace as raw material

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