Technology Introduction
Hydrogen Gas Purification

The PSA Institute’s PSA hydrogen purification technique can be used to extract 98.5~99.999 percent hydrogen gas from sources such as shift gas, gas from methanol decomposition, refinery gas, semi-water gas, urban gas, coke oven gas, fermentation gas, methanol tail gas, formaldehyde tail gas, acetylene smoke tail gas, byproduct gas from electrolysis, gas from ammonia decomposition, tail gas from cooling box, or catalytic cracking dry gas.

The hydrogen product can be used for the following: ammonia and methanol production; hydrogenization in oil refining; removal of sulfur and nitrogen from petroleum; organic chemical products such as alcohol, fatty acid, glycol, sorbitol, xylitol, phenylamine, and cyclohexane; hydrogen peroxide production; fuel for thermoelements; reduction gas for catalyst reactions; hydrogenization and desulphurization of coal; deoxidizer in reducing atmosphere in metal material working, such as powdered-metal annealing, brazing, plain rolling, and sintering; hydrogen balloons; vegetable tallow; float glass production.

The Zhejiang Zhenhai Oil Refining and Chemical Co Ltd. has used the institute’s PSA hydrogen purification technique to extract hydrogen from decomposed and catalyzed dry gas, with a 96-percent hydrogen recovery rate; the hydrogen is used for a variety of petroleum products; also, Wuhan Iron & Steel, Angang Steel, Pangang, Benxi Steel, and other companies have used the PSA technique to replace the hydrogen production by water electrolysis process and have cut energy consumption, greatly improved product quality and productivity, met the metallurgical industry’s hydrogen demands, and created favorable conditions for product upgrade and technical progress. More than 100 small to mid-sized fertilizer plants have used this PSA technique to recover pure hydrogen from purged gas, for alcohol products such as methanol, xylitol, and furfuryl alcohol, as well as phenylamine, hydrogen peroxide, and acidized oil products. This PSA technique has helped these plants with greater product diversification and has brought great benefits.

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