Technology Introduction
Hydrogen Production by Methanol Decomposition

The Sichuan Tianyi Science & technology Co Ltd. took the lead in developing a hydrogen production by methanol decomposition technique and has completed several installations in China.

The technique is used to produce pure hydrogen through steam conversion of methanol and water to produce H2 and CO2, then separate H2 from CO2 through a PSA gas separation process.

Methanol is widely available and cheap. Where no hydrogen-rich raw gas is available, hydrogen production by methanol decomposition is the optimal choice, with low cost and zero pollution. China’s first hydrogen production by methanol decomposition unit using the Tianyi technique (hydrogen yield: 600 Nm3/h) was built at the Guangzhou Jinzhujiang Chemistry Co,. in July 1993 and it has operated stably for more than 10 years. It also won a Scientific and Technological Progress award in Guangdong and Excellent Design award from the Ministry of Chemical Industry.

The Chemical Industry’s Southwest Research & Design Institute and Sichuan Tianyi are "State Research Center for Carbon-Chemical Engineering and Technology" and "State Research and Promotion Center for PSA Separation Technology" support units, and have provided more than 600 PSA separation units for foreign countries, more than half of them hydrogen production installations. The PSA technique took first place in the Scientific and Technological Progress awards in 1985 and 1998.

Sichuan Tianyi has long been involved in high-quality special methanol cracking catalyst production.

Greater than 3-year life span

High activity, low consumption rate

High selectivity, with residual CO in the decomposed gas lower than 0.5 percent

Hydrogen Production by Methanol Decomposition flow chart:

Technical indices of hydrogen production by methanol decomposition:

Hydrogen yield: 20~5,000 Nm3/h

Hydrogen purity: ≥99.9~99.999 percent

Hydrogen pressure: 0.5~2.2 MPa (without compressor)

Methanol consumption: 0.5555~0.58 kg/m3h2

Hydrogen yield: 88~92 percent (when special adsorbent is used)

By-product CO2: used as food additive, tobacco shred swelling agent, and weld shielding gas

Consumption of raw materials and public utilities (1000 Nm3/h hydrogen)

Methanol                  GB338-92 compliance Grade A     t        0.555

Desalted water             Meets boiler water standard         t            0.32

Catalyst                   Special                                kg           0.20

Recirculated cooling water   ≥0.3MPa,≤32℃                     t            40.00

Instrument air              0.4~0.6MPa,≤32℃              Nm3         125.00

Electricity                   380/220V,50Hz                  kwh          95.00

Fuel                                                               kg            144.23

Hydrogen                                                           Nm3/cycle     500  (catalyst reduction when power-on)

Nitrogen                                                           Nm3/cycle      700  (catalyst reduction when power-on)


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