Technology Introduction
Carbon Monoxide Purification (PSA-CO)

PSA Institute’s own carbon monoxide purification technique is the first in its field in China and a world leader. It won a Scientific and Technological Achievement award for Key Projects under the "Eighth Five-Year Plan" and can be used to extract 96~99.9 percent CO from CO-containing gas, such as semi-water gas, water gas, copper washing gas, converter gas, blast furnace gas, phosphor tail gas, and coal gas from Texaco furnace; it can be used to produce fine chemical products such as acetic acid, TDI, methyl formate, and DMF.

The technique can be used to extract CO from phosphor tail gas, with a product purity is as high as 98~99.9 percent and can convert waste gas into valuable products to help cut environmental pollution; can also be used in the carbonyl synthesis industry.

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