Technology Introduction
Hydrogen Production from Coal Gas

The institute’s hydrogen production from coal gas technique has matured; the process involves six procedures: gas generation, compression, desulphurization, conversion, PSA gas separation, and water circulation; the gas generation control and PSA gas separation systems are among China’s best and have won many Ministry of Chemical Industry and State Scientific and Technological Commission awards.

It has five hydrogen-production from coal gas installations either under construction or completed, and can handle 1500/3000/5000/10000 Nm3/h, or larger, hydrogen production from coal gas projects.

Coal gas flow:

Indexes of product gas:

Quality indices of product hydrogen

I  Product hydrogen

H2 %( V)         98.0~99.999%

CO                ≤10ppm

CO2               ≤15ppm

N2 %(V)          ≤1.6%

CH4 %(V)        ≤2.0%

H2S               ≤0.1ppm

Pressure Mpa (G)  ~0.6~2.5

Temperature ℃           ≤40

II  Byproduct CO2

CO2 %(V)       98.0~99.9%      Industrial or food grade

Consumption of raw materials and public utilities:

Specifications and consumption of raw and auxiliary materials (1000 Nm3/h hydrogen)

Coal                                          C~72 percent   t        0.59

Desulfurizing agent                        Ferrous oxide     t          20    (Replace once a year)

Low temperature shift catalyst - including   B303Q         m3         3.5    (Replace once every four years)

protective agent and antitoxic agent

Adsorbent                                                      m3         44    (Replace once every 10 years)

Specifications and consumptions of public utilities (calculated on the basis of 1000Nm3/h hydrogen)

Electricity                  6KV/380V / 220V、50HZ     kwh                  294

Recirculated cooling water   0.6MPa,32℃               t                     40

Primary water               0.4MPa                         t<SPAN lang=EN-US

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