Technology Introduction
Hydrogen Production from Natural Gas


Product gas characteristics:

Hydrogen purity:      99 ~ 99.999 percent

Product gas pressure:  0.8~3.0MPa

CH4:                       ≤ 5 ppm

CO:                        ≤ 5 ppm

CO2:                      ≤ 5 ppm

Final product composition can be adjusted according to needs.

Consumption (1000 Nm3/h hydrogen):

I  Raw materials 

Natural gas                    430——550       Nm3

Steam reforming catalyst      ≤ 0.025          Kg

II  Public utilities

Electricity                     ≤80           kwh

Recirculated cooling water    ≤40           t

Softened water                      ≤2.5         t

Note: consumption may vary, depending on composition of natural gas


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