Technology Introduction
Oxygen Recovery by Air Separation (PSA-O2)

The oxygen recovery by PSA air separation technique that the PSA Institute developed can be used to recover 93 percent of oxygen from air, for oxygen enrichment in industrial furnaces, to greatly reduce energy consumption; the technique can also be used for aeration treatment of waste water and sewage.

1.Vacuum PSA oxygen recovery technique


1)The unique air intake technique can reduce energy consumption.

2)Optimal combination can ensure technical indices.

3)There is an optional remote monitoring function available that can facilitate management

Applications: pulp bleaching in paper making industry, oxygen enrichment in chemical industry, oxygen-rich refining and coal gasification in metallurgy.

Technical indices: Flow rate: 50~30000 Nm3/h; purity: 25~93 percent

2.PSA oxygen recovery technique


1)Automatic, unattended operation under with imported PLC controls

2)Small skid-mounted assembly

3)Continuous online display of oxygen concentration

4)Compressed air comes from a screw air compressor; cold dryer and filtering system are available to increase adsorbent life span

Applications: oxygen for medical use; aquiculture; waste water and sewage treatment

Technical indices: Flow rate: 50~100 Nm3/h; purity: 80~93 percent

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