Technology Introduction
Nitrogen Purification (PSA-N2)

Our owntechnique of nitrogen production by PSA air separation can be used to separate and extract 99~99.99 percent OF nitrogen from air, for the following: inert gas shielding, pressure transmission, or paint agitation in the chemical industry; nitrogen well drilling, refining, and natural gas recovery in the petroleum industry; beer processing, food packaging, and freshness preservation of fruits and vegetables in the food industry; carburization, quenching, and powdered-metal sintering in metal heat treatment; nitrogen shielding in electron device manufacturing in the electronics industry, and for other industries, such as gas shielding in the production of float glass, and the aerospace industry.

Features: low energy consumption, stable operating parameters, automatic operation, skid mounted assembly.

1.PSA nitrogen production installation

Technical indices:

Flow rate: 1~5000 Nm3/h; purity: 95~99.99 percent

Pressure: 0.4~0.MPa; dew point: ≤40℃

2.Low-loss nitrogen refinement system

If nitrogen purity requirements are high (99.99 percent percent), a terminal installation for hydrogen refinement is added, with the coarse nitrogen (≥99 percent) mixed with a certain amount of hydrogen, then loaded into a deaerator to remove oxygen; next, the mixture is cooled, the moisture content is removed in a dehydrator, and the mixture is dried in a constant pressure drier.

Technical indices:

Purity of nitrogen: 99.99 percent~99.995 percent; oxygen content: 5~100 ppm

Dew point: ≤-60 C

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