Product Introduction
Catalyst for Low-Pressure Methanol Synthesis -- XNC-98 (Luzhou branch)

This new product has high activity and high selectivity for synthesis of methanol from oxycarbides and hydrogen; used in various methanol synthesis reactors; high cryogenic activity, high thermal stability, and long service life; usually works at a temperature of 200~290 C and pressure of 4.0~15.0Mpa; widely used for synthetic gasses produced from different raw materials; appearance: circular column with dark metallic luster; outer dimensions: 5×5; bulk density: 1.20~1.40 kg/l; inner-diameter compression strength: ≥200N/cm. Cuo >52 percent.

Contact Information:

Marketing Department, Liu Zhonghua: 028-8596-9365                

Catalyst Plant, Liu Jiahe: 0830-411-6301

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