Product Introduction
TK100S series regulating valves (Shuangliu branch)

1.Control valve cavity in P/E 3D design, with graceful, streamlined contour, smooth flow passage and identical flow sections

2.TK100S and TK100C series control valve bodies allow for convenient valve replacement and reduce number of spare parts; valve capacity (CV value) is 20 percent higher than other models so the customer can increase the yield.

3.TK100S and TK100C series control valves have QUICK-CHANGE base instead of threaded structure for more convenient on site service without special tools.

4.TK100S bellow seal single-seat regulating valve body and a metallic bellow are domestic products with superior performance and long life span.

Diameter: up to DN300; pressure: up to ANSI600#.

Flange focal length: standard IEC60534-3-1 37, 38, and 39 series

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