Sichuan Tianyi Science & Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “CTYC”), established upon the approval by GJQG [1999] No. 745 Document of the State Economic and Trade Commission and primarily founded by Southwest Research & Design Institute of Chemical Industry (SWRDICI), the former Southwest Research Institute of Chemical Industry under the Ministry of Chemical Industry, is a joint stock limited company incorporated by integrating a range of prime assets including pressure swing adsorption (PSA) gas separation technology and package units, catalysts, C1 chemistry and engineering design. The Company was registered on Aug. 5, 1999 and listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange in Jan. 2001.
Having been market-oriented and committed to innovation in its operating mode by groping its way in practice for more than a decade, CTYC has achieved considerable development in three main fields of business: large-scale PSA-based hydrogen purification, LFG-to-urban gas as well as coke-oven gas (COG)-to-CNG, SNG, LNG and COG-to-methanol. The Company possesses substantial technological advantages in the projects in the said fields, ranking the first in many industries nationwide. Products including, among others, catalyst, adsorbent and program-controlled valve have been researched, developed and manufactured independently and supplied for its plants completely. The Company has preliminarily pulled off its transformation from single engineering design mode to EPC contract mode, and has become one of the top one hundred EPC contractors in chemical engineering survey and design industries in China.
The Company always insists on exploring the international markets. So far, the Company has undertaken multiple PSA plants and dimethyl ether (DME) plants in Myanmar, South Korea, Turkey, Brunei, Thailand, etc., and successfully promoted its catalyst products to European and American markets, pushing the CTYC brand onto a world stage.
As a high-tech listed company and national level new high-tech enterprise, CTYC is with enormous research & development ability, engineering enlargement and strong development capacity. By the end of 2014, the Company has owned 49 patents for invention and 13 utility model patents, was the main drafter or participating drafter of four national standards or specifications, and is one of the Council Members and initiators of industrial technology innovation strategic alliance for CO2 capture, utilization and storage.
Taking “customer first and serving society” as the purpose, developing the work style of “emphasis on quality and success from frugality”, and adhering to the corporate values of “people oriented; be realistic and innovative” and the operation principle of “lean management; professional operation”, CTYC devotes itself in serving the world with environmentally friendly, low carbon and clean energy technologies and products.
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