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Source: Sichuan Tianyi Science & Technology Co, Ltd Date: 2012-08-24

Concentration is vitally important to learning and the self-motivated person will always work hard without being told to do so.

China stands behind the development of its low-carbon industry and is supporting energy-saving enterprises and sustainable development strategies, and this has brought unparalleled opportunities in pressure-swing absorbent gas separation technology with low energy consumption. So, it will certainly provide more opportunities for PSA technology. In that sense, we can expect a surge of research at the PSA Institute.

The Basic Research Department handles up to 10 projects a year, some of which involve lead technicians themselves and some scheduled by the company, some developed by a number of enterprises working together.

Guan Yingfu and Wang Xiao, both of them in new absorbent R&D, lead teams concentrating on new absorbents and their research success an important role in the company’s finding PSA projects. They have done their very best in researching two types of absorbent and can be found sitting engrossed in their computer or concentrating on design work at the table. They do everything on their own -- from small experiments in the laboratory to pilot plant tests on device installation -- and study everything carefully, from sample analysis to data processing. They are truly hands-on, from the purchase of devices to their installation and debugging and their positive attitude and work style and spirit are part of the heritage of the Basic Research Department. The two absorbents are now being tested and there have been some preliminary conclusions.

Bu Lingbing, who does research on PSA equipment, has an active role in equipment studies and, through the use of new software, follows everything, from the gas flow distributor and wall effect, to a classified study of the adaptability of remote control valves. For this, he is praised and admired by his co-workers and these two projects have extended the life of PSA sorbents and remote control valves, and have cut spending on the devices a great deal.

To further expand the PSA technology filed, the Basic Research Department has worked with the Shanghai Petrochemical Co in developing naphtha by liquid-phase adsorption FCSH technology, which has expanded the scope of adsorptive separation technology applications in the petrochemical industry and has created economic growth for the company, while laying a solid foundation for liquid-phase adsorption.

The department is also responsible for a large amount of reconstruction and renovation of engineering projects and does many tests to provide data on the device’s use. The projects all deal with engineering applications, the study of efficient absorbent, and new absorbent separation technology.

Although the PSA Institute is involved in a lot of hard, dull work, all of the staff members can endure the difficulties and concentrate on research in the struggle to innovate. In their research,

It is just as Zang Kejia (a famous Chinese poet) said in his poem The Old Ox:  :

Fallow land is nothing but water and soil, but early planting will make it abundant with crops.

Even the old ox knows that time is precious, so it voluntarily begins to pull the plow, before the farmer raises his whip.

This is a suitably vivid way to portray the devotion of the Basic Research Department’s technical personnel.

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