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China’s First CoPEEK Application Going Smoothly
来源: Sichuan Tianyi Science & Technology Company 发布时间: 2012-03-23

A new industrial device that the Sichuan Tianyi Science & Technology Co designed went operational in March 2012. The owner of this 1000-ton/year CoPEEK industrialized demonstration apparatus is the Liaoning Panjin Zhongrun Super Engineering Plastics Co, Ltd.

CoPEEK (ABS) is a new type of engineering plastics from linear aromatic polymer synthesis, with extraordinary performance when compared with other engineering plastic products. It is heat-, radiation-, erosion-, fatigue-, and wear-resistant with great strength. It is mainly used in the automobile industry for insulation on cables and wire, but also in the electronics electric power, nuclear power, and instrument industries, and for airplane parts. It is also used in the field of medicine and painting.

The patented CoPEEK technology, which meets global standards, is a key part of China’s "863" Program. Panjin Zhongrun Super Engineering was established by the Liaoning Panjin Zhongrun Chemical Co Ltd by cooperating with two Chinese companies that own the technology. The two have many super engineering plastics patents besides CoPEEK. Sichuan Tianyi was commissioned to expand the first 1000 t/yr CoPEEK project and its design technicians worked hard with Panjin Zhongrun Super Engineering in exploring and innovating to make breakthroughs in such key technology as polymer synthesis, solvent extraction, and solvent separation. And they were able to apply their technology to industrialized production and China’s first standard, industrialized CoPEEK equipment.

The equipment will help in the replacement of various products in aviation, electronic information, petroleum, automobiles, medicine, and home appliances, and bring considerable benefit to the corporate customers. It could also break the long-held Western monopoly in the industry, while meeting national defense and military needs independently.

The equipment success also symbolizes a new step forward for the company in polymer synthesis technology and product development, following in the steps of polyphenylene sulfide. China has the development of special engineering plastics in its list of key projects under the 12th Five-Year Plan, and the company says it will continue to provide excellent technical services to corporate customers and bring social and economic benefits for them and the country as well. 

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