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Dimethyl Ether Expansion Project begins in Turkey
来源: Sichuan Tianyi Science & Technology Company 发布时间: 2012-04-05

The Sichuan Tianyi got its methanol to aerosol dimethyl ether equipment in Turkey up and running, on March 20. The 5000- 8000 ton/year ether project success means the company has made a solid step in getting its technology into the West Asian market.

Sichuan Tianyi signed a reconstruction-project contract with Turkey’s Tarkim Co in 2007 and set to work almost immediately on the design. By August 2008, it was in operation after a one-off check. However, because of the global economic crisis at that time, dimethyl ether was not doing well on the European market and production was basically put on hold. Then, in 2009, the dymethyl ether market began to heat up and dymethyl ether sales gradually turned bullish, and with the increased market demand, the original equipment could not keep up with demand.

In March 2011, the manager, Levent Kalin, and his team flew to Chengdu, Sichuan province to discuss an expansion of the project and production. A final consensus was reached and the reactors and some of the equipment and instruments were to be replaced to bring the capacity to 8000t/a.

So, technicians from Sichuan Tianyi did the design work on the project, based on the original equipment situation and the new requirement. They added energy-conservation concepts, replaced the reactor and rectification tower cooler, added a methanol pre-heater to lower steam consumption, and added a gas cooler and modified the outlet line of the wash tower so that it would run more stably.

The equipment has been doing well and the production capacity improvement means that quality and output goals have been reached, with 8000~10,000 t/a and the dimethyl ether purity remaining at 99.99 percent. The company owners spoke highly of the project design and service and said that they expected more opportunities to cooperate with Sichuan Tianyi Science & Technology Co, perhaps even in other areas.

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